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Ensuring the end of polio means new milestones for public health

09.07.2018 John Hewko (in devex)         

The article describes the GPEI’s efforts to integrate its global lab network into public health systems and repurpose the program’s assets to deliver other health services including delivery of measles vaccines and emergency Response strategies for Ebola and other potential disease outbreaks..

Fact Sheet PolioPlus


Le monde n'a jamais été si près d'être libéré de la polio. Mais, si nous ne réussissons pas, la polio se répandra à nouveau partout. En 10 ans, 200’000 enfants seront à nouveau paralysés partout dans le monde - chaque année!

How Technology is Reaching Pakistan’s Children with the Polio Vaccine

Aritcel National Geographic 27.7.2016

In our February story – Cell Coverage: Reaching Pakistan’s Children with the Polio Vaccine – Aziz Memon wrote about Rotary‘s work to replace traditional paper reporting of polio, maternal and newborn health data in Pakistan with more accurate and timely mobile phone-based reporting. This new program is being implemented almost entirely by female health workers, many working in high-risk areas to ensure every child is protected from polio. Pakistan is one of only two remaining polio-endemic countries, and experts hope to see the last case of the disease there within the next year.

Vers l’éradication de la polio en Afrique

Aucun cas de poliomyélite n’a été détecté en Afrique depuis l’été 2014: un bilan pas encore déterminant, mais très encourageant. Reportage en République démocratique du Congo, à l’heure où les instances de santé publique mondiales, l’OMS et ses alliés l’Unicef ou Gavi basés à Genève en tête, fourbissent leurs armes pour l’assaut final contre le poliovirus d’ici à 2018


Le Rotary contre la Polio

Le Rotary a lancé son programme PolioPlus en 1985. Depuis, le Rotary et ses partenaires ont contribués à réduire le nombre de cas de polio de 350 000 à moins de 250 aujourd’hui et ils resteront impliqués jusqu’à ce que tous les enfants soient à l’abri.

Présentations journée de la Polio 18.10.2014

à i'université de Bâle

Situation actuelle, OMS

Mission UNICEF

Bill&Melinda Gates Foundation

Contribution de la Suisse, DDC

Contribution universitaire

Nouvelles des pays endémiques

La voix des handicapés


Conférence de club 2014

commun contre Polio

Within reach

The global effort to eradicate poliomyelitis has been spectacularly successful, eliminating 99% of cases in its 26-year history. But that progress has begun to unravel in the past 18 months, with outbreaks in east and west Africa and in the Middle East.


The Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) today congratulates the countries in the South-East Asia Region of the World Health Organization (WHO) on being certified polio-free, a historic milestone in the worldwide effort to end polio and realize the broad benefits eradication will bring

Rotary and Gates Foundation extend fundraising agreement to end polio

LISBON, Portugal (25 June 2013) Rotary International and the Bill & Melinda Gates
Foundation today announced an extension of their existing fundraising partnership that could generate up to US$525 million in new money for polio eradication as the global effort to end this crippling disease enters its critical endgame phase.

Statements on Current Facts and Figures Relative to Polio Eradication and the Role of Rotary International in the Global Effort

For the sake of clarity and consistency in all Rotary publications and information, the
International PolioPlus Committee has adopted the following set of frequently reported
statements, statistics, and terms concerning the PolioPlus Program and the global polio
eradication effort, and encourages all members in the global partnership for polio eradication to adopt similarly consistent statements and figures.

Statement on the 4th IHR Emergency Committee meeting regarding the international spread of wild poliovirus

The fourth meeting of the Emergency Committee under the International Health Regulations (IHR) (2005) regarding the international spread of wild poliovirus in 2014 - 15 was convened via teleconference by the Director-General on 17 February 2015. The following IHR States Parties submitted an update on the implementation of the Temporary Recommendations since the Committee last met on 13 November 2014: Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Pakistan and the Syrian Arab Republic.

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